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Heroes of Hope Race for Research 2022

Brain tumor research is a cause near and dear to my heart. Funding for more research is necessary in creating better treatments especially for more aggressive brain cancers, and childhood brain cancer.

On November 13, 2022, on World Kindness Day, I had the honor of being a volunteer for a cause and foundation I truly believe in (Brain Cancer Research) and be able to witness so many students from across LA come together (thanks to StudentsRunLA) to support Hero’s of Hope Race for Brain Cancer Research by The Brad Kaminsky Foundation.

When I saw about 40 school busses or more, filled with students, come to the event my eyes filled with tears because I have known Lisa (the founder) and her outstanding foundation since 2012. I know through the years she has worked so incredibly hard every year and it’s wonderful to see so many people come together to support this wonderful and necessary cause. Thank you Lisa for your amazing work and for never giving up!

In the loving memory of those who have lost their lives to brain cancer.

You are never forgotten ♥️

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